Trick or Treat! (O.0)

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkins, costumes, candy – and murder?! Tilda once more finds herself at the center of a mystery, this one at the annual Trick or Treat party in the small cozy town of Sparrow Falls, on Halloween.

Read this five-star short story now on kindle and nook, or in the ebook and paperback anthology from Quaint Cottage Press,   A Sparrow Falls Holiday.

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New for the Sparrow Falls Mystery Series!

I’m very pleased to share these lovely new covers for the Sparrow Falls Mystery series, and also to announce that – due to popular demand – each novel now includes at least one of Ms. Tilda’s favorite recipes!  Many readers and friends suggested this idea to me, and after giving it some thought, I realized that including recipes would be a perfect addition to these clean cozy novels.  After all, Ms. Tilda is a wonderful cook, and sharing recipes is a big part of small town life.  It’s one of the things that make cozy mysteries,  well, cozy.  I hope you will enjoy the beautiful artwork, the yummy hometown food, and, most of all, the mysteries of these updated versions.

And yes, dear reader, more novels are in the works!  Two more novels are being written as I post this, and many more are planned and waiting to be written.  Thank you so much for your support and encouragement over the years as I have ventured into fulfilling my lifelong dream of being a novelist.  You’re the best readers ever!

The newly designed covers, including recipes, are available now on amazon kindle and nook b&n.




Tilda Goes Forth

Care for a quick cozy mystery to read over your Independence Day weekend? You DO? Then I respectfully suggest a visit to Sparrow Falls, where you will experience an old-fashioned Fourth of July picnic, a surprising and mysterious murder, and a nosy sleuth. Available now as a short story on Kindle and Nook, or included in the short story collection A Sparrow Falls Holiday, exclusively on Amazon. Thank you, and happy reading!

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Free cozy mystery ebook weekend!

The first novel in the popular Sparrow Falls Mystery series is available free on kindle for a limited time only! Click the cover below to see A Distant Murder on The link will open in a new window.   Thank you, and happy reading!


A Distant MurderPerhaps you came here to find the story of the woman your grandmother did not have an opportunity to become, or to finish the story of the one who interrupted her life so suddenly.”  These intriguing words send Addie McRae on a quest to uncover the truth behind a decades-old unsolved murder and find a killer who is still living, and killing, in Sparrow Falls, North Carolina. She is befriended by spunky southern lady Tilda MacArdan and the mysterious and angelic Morwenna Goss, known as the “story keeper” of the old Scottish cemetery. A list of suspects grows as Addie meets the eccentric townsfolk, most of them descendants of Highland Scots who settled the town centuries before. Does a gossiping trio of elderly women remember the first murder accurately, or are they merely keeping ugly rumors alive? An artist who painted the portrait of the beautiful murder victim may have loved her – or killed her. The handsome editor of the town’s struggling newspaper, whose grandfather was the prime suspect, could be Addie’s new beau, or her most dangerous foe. New suspects appear as the amateur detective unravels the cold case, and Addie learns that even in a quiet town things – and people – are never quite as they appear.


Robert Burns day :)

val A Happy Robert Burns day to one and all! His beautiful poem A Red, Red Rose was the inspiration for my short story, A Sparrow Falls Valentine. Not a traditional whodunit this time, but instead, I chose to write about a mysterious local legend that had existed for decades within the tiny, closely-knit town of Sparrow Falls. It’s a bit of a departure from the other stories and novels in the series, but so far my readers have loved it.  (Except for one who *revealed the ending* in her Amazon review so please don’t read the review by Karen Moody – that really is her name, lol – before you read the story! It will ruin the whole experience for you. Why anyone would do that in a review is beyond me.)  I have been especially moved by the review left by one loyal reader, who said,  “The author tackles some of the difficult phases of life that effect us. So much is packed in a short story. Yet I close the covers of these books with thought provoking feelings. Yes, I will be getting more of these books. They touch you.”  This is the reason writers write. 🙂

You can find A Sparrow Falls Valentine on Amazon and B&N, or get all four holiday short stories in the ebook or paperback book, A Sparrow Falls Holiday, on Amazon. The link will open in a new window.  Thank you, and happy reading!

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Free ebook, limited time!

If you have ever wanted to take a quick visit to Sparrow Falls, this is the perfect time to do it. For a few more days the book Merry Mishaps: a lighthearted life, by the author of the Sparrow Falls Mystery series, is available FREE exclusively on kindle.  This ebook includes the first chapter of the first Sparrow Falls Mystery novel, A Distant Murder.

Reviewers have called Merry Mishaps: a lighthearted life “delightfully zany” and “totally relatable, real life humor”.  This is a short collection of her reader’s favorite newspaper columns written by Donna McLean, who was a columnist for her local small town paper until venturing into writing cozy mystery novels.  Please click on the book cover below, which will open in a new window on the Amazon website.  Thank you, and happy reading!

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